In our 5000 m2 workshop we operate with a technical deployment that combines high-performance machinery with the skill and knowledge earned in years, to manufacture parts and assemblies in small, medium and large batches, maintaining the quality standards throughout the manufacturing process.

CMA relies on constant innovation and investment in the most advanced machinery to put it at the service of our customers. We start from a global vision of the process, detecting and responding to the needs of customers in an optimized fashion.

Technical office

  • In-house design of toolings and processes.
  • CAD-CAM programming and simulation.
  • Reverse engineering.


  • 3 and 4 axes machining centres, up to X3000 Y2500 Z2200 (6 machines).
  • 3 vertical lathes up to Ø2700 Z1800 + C axis.
  • 3 horizontal lathes up to Ø1050 Z4000.
  • 5 axes machining.

    – 1 turning centre Ø500 Y260 Z1300.

    – 1 machining centre X750 Y600 Z625 (Max piece dimension Ø640 x 350 mm).

  • Machines equipped with part setting probes for automatic control.
  • Assemblies area.
  • Leakproofness tests.
  • Painting shop.

Control means

  • 2 MMC machines up to X4000 Y2000 Z1500 mm.

  • Precision calibration bench: 0.4 microns.

  • Non-destructive tests Level II: magnetic particles and penetrating liquids.

Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)

  • Welders and procedures certified according to EN-15085-2 Class 1.

Range of certification

Welding process
according to EN ISO
Material group according
to CEN ISO/TR 15608
t = 2 - 10 mm
t >= 3 mm
t = 3 - 20 mm
t = 3 - 30 mm
D >= 25 mm


  • Our Quality Management system is audited by SGS® in accordance with the requirements of the UNE EN ISO 9001 and EN 9100:2018 standards applied to the manufacture of machined metal parts and assemblies.

  • Welding procedures certified by TÜVRheinland® according to EN 15085-2 CL1 DOWNLOAD